WATCH: Kamala Harris Mistakenly Said 220 Million Americans Died From Coronavirus – Roughly 66% Of US Population


When Republicans thought Joe Biden often gaffes or claims something by mistake, which most conservatives believe is a sign of dementia, they didn’t think his running mate Senator Kamala Harris does too.

In one of her campaign events, she bizarrely claimed 220 million of Americans died from Covid-19 – roughly 66% of the entire population of the United States.

“We’re in the middle of a crises caused by this pandemic. We’re looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months have died. It breaks your heart. Many people -who without their loved ones- were by themselves. We’re looking at 8 million people who have contracted the virus,” she said.

“We’re looking at over 30 million people who have had to file for unemployment,” she continued. “People are standing in food lines and driving up to park in food lines, praying they can get to the end of the line before the food runs out.”

Data shows 220,000 Americans died due to the coronavirus.


Many Republicans were quick to respond, criticizing the Democratic vice presidential candidate because the mainstream media and the liberals would have denounced President Trump, and called him all the names in the book, if he was the one who said it.

Here’s what they’re saying:

User @bigmomma453 said: “Anyone looking into her medical condition: many times & interviews: suddenly bursts out laughing & watch how she shakes her body & moves back & forth to stop it: she has SOMETHING neurologic I think: and there are many disorders that cause this: some affect ability to function.”

User DaBurr58 commented: “That’s intentional, she’s just trying to normalize mass deaths.”

User DonnaTBrewer said: “OMG, Bidenism, it’s contagious.”

User @PudgeBrooks tweeted: “When the hell did 200 million Americans die?!?”

User @shredmafiamon responded: “Lucky no one is there to hear her lies – they want to sound worst – Trump did a bad job with COVID “compared to who ? “ is the question. They said 2.2 million would die. Means he saved millions.”