WATCH: Joe Biden Confusedly Tells Philadelphia Crowd He Is A “Grandma”


During a campaign stop in Philadelphia, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden confusedly told a crowd that he is Finnegan’s grandma, then corrects himself after. Finnegan Biden is the eldest daughter of the former vice president’s son Hunter, who has been the subject of massive criticisms from the Republicans for his questionable business dealings with foreign businessmen, leading to the Biden family’s alleged “corruption” during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, that is totally ignored by the mainstream media.

“I married a Philly girl and I am Finnegan Biden’s grandma,” Biden said, then looked at his granddaughter. “That’s her grandma and I’m her grandpa,” he added, correcting himself after realizing his mistake.


Twitter users responded differently but mostly criticized Biden, who many believe, is suffering from Dementia.


One said: “My husband has a theory. He thinks Joe is doing this on purpose, so that if he gets elected no one would blink am eye if. he steps down for Kamala to take over. What say ye? I think he’s onto something.”

Another user responded: “The bloody terrifying thing watching from Europe is that you are actually allowing this chap to stay on the ticket until Tuesday.”

User @KingCobra1984 commented: “True Story: When my Grandfather’s dementia was progressing, he struggled with pronouns and gender-specific nouns. This is not the first time Joe has done this. This old carcass is done.”

Another one said: “Not only does he sound like he has dementia, he may be having TIA’s. What is wrong with the Democratic Party to even let this poor man run. You can see the stress is killing him slowly. It’s disgusting.”