VIDEO: “Say Black Lives Matter!” Liberal Mob Forces Men To Raise Fist Before Smashing Truck Anyways

Youtube Screenshot

As tensions rise following the Black Lives Matter riots and the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the intimidation tactics seem to be getting worse from the left.

They are using concerning levels of violent intimidation to force conformity of regular Americans to their cause. It will not work.

This is going to backfire very bad for them on November 3rd when it’s time for Americans to vote on the president.


“Say Black Lives Matter!”

“It lets us know you’re cool.”

“Put the fist up!”

“Say Black Lives Matter, homie, say f****** Black Lives Matter!”

The man then out of fear puts the fist up hoping that they will leave him alone so they can continue on with their day. But unfortunately that’s not what ended up happening.

The video seems to stop but then transitions into another video after one of the protesters seemed to have smashed his truck regardless.

The man is seen getting out of the truck shouting “Who did this?”

The reaction from conservatives and likely regular people online has been a strong disavowal of this behavior.

One user tweeted, “Those cowards who thought that being in silence and not fighting leftist totalitarianism were going to be safe were wrong, of course. First comes censorship, newspeak and persecution of dissidents (now cancel culture), later they demand public demonstrations of submission.”

Another user tweets,”It’s refreshing to see such peaceful activism at work! Course, if they didn’t raise their fist, their car should have been destroyed!” Sarcastically pointing out how the media portrayal of these protests is far from reality.

How much longer will Americans sit back and allow the left to patrol the streets with total impunity threatening, intimidating, and attacking innocent people out in public?