VIDEO: BLM Harasses Diners At Restaurant, One Man Simply Wasn’t Having It – Laughs To Her Face

Youtube Screenshot

Black Lives Matter has been a very polarizing subject of discussion in the recent months as tensions grow higher between conservatives and liberals.

While the name is something we all agree with, that black lives matter. The organization and slogan have been an excuse to riot, loot, and harass innocent bystanders in public.

A recent example of this is in Washington D.C. where a group of black lives matter protestors seem to be harassing diners at a restaurant for seemingly no reason. They have a record of doing this quite often.

As the protestors sounding off with their mega phones berate the diners, one man simply wasn’t having it. He pulls out his phone and begins recording them, letting them know that he isn’t going to bend the knee and conform to the social pressure of BLM.


As he pulls out his phone, the protestor with the mega phone says:

“So, you’re racist?”

“So put the phone down, why would you want to record it?”

“Because that recording allows us all to get doxxed.”

“Do you know what doxxing is?”

“It means they’ll find our addresses, they’ll trace our social media, they’ll find our families, they’ll find out where we work, and they’ll come and right wing media will make sure we don’t protest anymore.”

“So thank you very much for letting us know that you are the racist.”

“I bet your d*** is tiny to make up for those big ass shoulders, bye!”

The entire time the protestor is berating this man he is seen simply smiling, holding back a laugh and recording. This was an absolute chad move on his part.

Most people are totally sick of black lives matter protestors thinking they can harass anyone they want with total impunity. Americans are utterly sick of the disgusting and hateful rhetoric they spew on the streets every day.

Stories like this need to be shared because there is still so many people who aren’t even aware these kinds of things happen because mainstream media doesn’t cover it.