VIDEO: Antifa Mistakingly Attacks an Anti-Trump Protester Calling Him a Nazi, Destroys Car As He Tries Escaping

Youtube Screenshot

In 2020, politics has been the most dividing and polarizing issues of the modern day. In particular politics surrounding President Donald Trump and whether or not you are for him or against him.

One group in particular, known for their escalation of violence and destruction is ANTIFA. Who are said to not have any particular leader or organization, ravage the entire country in rebellion against the president and his supporters.

There have been countless instances of alleged ANTIFA members destroying property, causing physical bodily harm to opposing political adversaries, and inciting violence in the name of “anti-fascism.”

A latest example of this happened today when a group of alleged ANTIFA members mistakenly attacked an anti-Trump protester calling him a nazi and destroying his car as he tried to escape.

All while a dog is in the backseat barking and clearly terrified of what is transpiring.


The alleged ANTIFA member even went as far as to try to assault the person filing, content creator James Klug with a bar.

This video has had a fierce reaction from conservatives online condemning the ANTIFA member and all who partake in political acts of violence.

One user tweeted in response, “All I got to say I work hard for what I have and if someone destroys my vehicle when I’m sitting in it like that I’m coming out of that car and someone’s going to get shot,because they’re getting by with everything they do and something needs to be done with these people. Poor dog.”

One user tweeted out, “This is why I carry in my truck.” Pointing out how we should all be prepared for when we are in a self defense situation such as this.

One concerned user tweeted, “These angry basement teens must be arrested. This is not acceptable in our nation!” Pointing out how most of these men & women engaging in this violent activity are usually young and don’t have much going on in life.

As tensions rise between ANTIFA and America First Trump supporting patriots, what will happen next out in these ever more dangerous streets?