VIDEO: Angry Liberals Bark Uncontrollably At Pro Trump Conservative, She Wasn’t Having It

Youtube Screenshot

Liberals in 2020 have all but lost their minds and most people can agree with that. They’re methods of outrage range from violent protests to apparently barking like dogs at Pro Trump conservatives.

Nobody is quite sure how or why barking like a dog would be an affective tactic… but to each to their own.

A new video released on Twitter shows a group of angry liberals barking at a pro-trump sign wave and the clip is absolutely hilarious.


The Trump supporting woman that was being barked at simply was not having it. She begins to respond, “you looks stupid” to the protesters.

As tension sparks between the left and right on the streets, we’ll know they’ll be plenty of more content like this to be reported on.

The next time your dog is barking at you… he could be a liberal.