Tucker Carlson Accuses Big Tech, MSM Of Conspiring With Democrats: “We All Saw It Happen”


On Monday’s segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson accused the media and Big tech of conspiring with Democrats to sway the 2020 election results.

He opened the show explaining that electronic voting machines are not secured, which other countries have been avoiding because they knew it from the start, adding that he can’t blame the Americans if they raise their concerns about it. He also claimed the 2020 presidential election had been “stolen” in plain view of the Americans. “We all saw it happen,” the Fox News anchor said.

“You’ve heard a lot over the past few days about the security of our electronic voting machines. And this is a real issue, no matter who raises it or who tries to dismiss it out of hand as a conspiracy theory. Electronic voting is not as secure as traditional hand-counting, period. It never will be as secure. Voters can see this because it’s obvious, and it makes them nervous,” explained Carlson.

“Our leaders have given us every reason not to trust technology. The people who now tell us to stop asking questions about voting machines are the same ones who claimed that our phones were not listening to us. They lied,” he added, arguing that looking into what exactly happened during the 2020 election could undermine faith in future elections.

He then pointed out the role of Big tech and Mainstream media in the “rigged” election from the start, and said “no honest person would claim” it was fair.

“On many levels the system was rigged against one candidate and in favor of another. It was rigged in ways that were not hidden from view,” Carlson said. “The media openly colluded with the Democratic nominees. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to explain what they would do if they were elected. That’s never happened before in any presidential election in American history. But the media allowed them to do it.”

He also accused the Democrats of using the coronavirus pandemic, which destroyed small businesses due to lockdown restrictions while giant corporations not only weathered it but also profited from it.

He added that the liberals took advantage of the pandemic to insist on mail-in voting because “they knew their candidates would benefit from less secure voting and they were right.”

But he insisted that the connivance of Democrats with the Big techs played the largest part in changing the 2020 election results.

“Virtually all news and all information in the English-speaking world travels through a single company: Google,” Carlson clarified. “If you use technology to censor the ideas that people are allowed to express online, ultimately you control how the population votes and that’s exactly what they did. They rigged the election in front of all of us, and nobody did anything bout it.”