Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Accuses Conservatives Of Racism & Hate, Totally Ignores BLM

BLM-Antifa rioters start fire in Portland.

Following the reading of the grand jury’s decision on Breonna Taylor’s case Wednesday without criminal charges on the three cops involved, protests in several cities turned more violent.

In Portland, one of the whitest major city in the U.S., BLM supporters marked their 100th day of straight protest against police brutality and systemic racism on September 5, ignited by the death of Black American George Floyd.

City mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, blamed the city rules and the present police union contract for not speaking out more against the “obvious,” when he spoke to Oregon Live in an interview early September. He was referring to, apparently, police violence towards the civilians.

Ironically, Wheeler is also the Police Commissioner in the city, but he said he must remain silent and neutral, unless rules and contracts change.

“It’s ridiculous because anybody who thinks of what the mayor is, they think of the mayor as being the chief spokesperson for the city, and they expect their mayor to have an opinion on something that obvious,” he said referring to videos of police acts against protesters that his constituents regularly send him. “But because I am held to a different standard, because I am the final part of the due process chain in the accountability system that we have in place, I have to seal my lips.”

While denouncing and criticizing “police brutality” in his city, the 58-year-old politician remains silent on the BLM-Antifa violence on the streets. In fact, in his latest tweet, he warned that alt-right and white nationalists, are coming to Portland on the 26th, and added they are not welcome in the city. He accused them, without evidence, of empowering racism, intolerance, and hate, which some of his followers denied and called him a liar.

Meanwhile, videos of the violent unrest in Portland are being posted on social media, showing protesters attacking police officers and damaging government properties.


A rioter throwing a large Molotov cocktail to the police enforcers at different angles.

Rioters also throw an incendiary device towards a law enforcer, which flared up flame.

BLM-Antifa also set the Portland Police central precinct on fire, and shattering windows by throwing large rocks.

A militant on the microphone is telling the outraged crowd outside the Justice Center that whites are given mercy more than the black people.