Sen. Durbin Fails Miserably To Roast Amy Coney-Barrett Over A Baseless Claim That Trump Plans To Delay Election

Image: YouTube screenshot (PBS NewsHour video)

On the day 3 of Judge Amy Coney-Barrett’s confirmation hearing to the Supreme Court Wednesday, Democratic senators interrogated and attempted to grill the judge over many issues, but it is undeniable that she answered their questions confidently and gracefully.

Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois asked Barrett on whether it is unconstitutional for the president to unilaterally delay the election. Barret repeated what she told Senator Dianne Feinstein during the second day of the hearing, that she can’t weigh in on hypotheticals.

“Well senator, you’ve asked a couple of different questions about what the senator… ah… what the president might be able to unilaterally do, and I think that I really can’t say anything more than I’m not gonna answer hypotheticals,” Barrett said.

“That strains originalism,” answered Durbin with a chuckle. “If the clear wording of the constitution establishes a right and you will not acknowledge it,” he added.

Barrett responded, “Well senator, it would strain the canons of conduct, which don’t permit me to offer off-the-cuff reactions or any opinions outside of the judicial decision-making process.”

She continued: “It would strain Article 3, which prevents me from deciding legal issues outside the context of cases and controversies. And as Justice Ginsburg said, it would display a disregard for the whole judicial process.”


The liberal party has been accusing President Trump of planning to delay the election on November 3, but there is no evidence to this claim. Instead, the president suggested on Twitter that “universal mail-in voting” would make this year’s election the “most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history” and a “great embarrassment to the USA”.