Political Strategist Rick Wilson Calls Trump “Chicken Donald,” Who Is ‘Broke, Broken, Unmoored’


The Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson called President Donald Trump “chicken Donald” after the president’s participation in NBC’s town hall event, while praising his Democratic opponent Joe Biden’s performance on ABC News’ town hall.

“Chicken Donald got what he asked for last night after ducking the presidential debate for what he’d expected to be the more amenable circumstance of a network town hall,” Wilson wrote in his column for Daily Beast.

“And America saw him as he is, as Guthrie opened up by pressing him on the key elements remaining in his base, white supremacists and QAnon maniacs, and Trump reeked of desperation not to further embarrass himself as he flailed to recapture his old media magic but instead dispelled once and for all the deeply-held belief that he cannot be bested by a reporter,” he continued.

He also said the president’s body language during the event appeared like he wanted to flee the “stage any moment.”

“It was one more example of why the Trump campaign’s nine-month effort to portray Joe Biden as senile, weak, and incapable of holding the presidency was such a stupid bet,” his column reads. “The Biden on stage [Thursday night] was more presidential in 90 minutes than Donald Trump has been in four long years, let alone in his 60 minute flop-sweat bid at counter-programming.”

If Wilson sees the ABC’s town hall event with “compassionate” Biden as more presidential, then he also approves the former vice president’s opinion regarding 8-year-olds who decide to be a transgender. Does Wilson think, as a parent himself, that as young as eight knows how to be a transgender? Only a sick parent would allow his young child to decide on issues like this. Besides, Biden was asked mostly softball questions and one questioner was reportedly a former Obama staffer who worked as a speech writer for the former president.

Additionally, the two town hall events never mentioned about Biden family’s controversy on Hunter’s connection with Ukraine, mostly receiving money.

“The desperation rolled off Trump in fetid waves, reminding voters in this closing stretch that he cannot learn. He cannot change,” the former Republican wrote. “He cannot take and execute on good advice anything that could potentially help his campaign and his political future. [Last night] was another reminder that Donald Trump is always, and only, Donald Trump.”

Maybe not Trump, but Wilson is desperate to kick him off from office, since he co-founded “The Lincoln Project,” which goal is to prevent the reelection of the president this year, while totally ignoring Biden’s lies.