“Plexiglass Is Not The Answer,” Lectures Trump To Biden On Reopening Dying Businesses


During a portion of the finale of a series of presidential debate Thursday night, President Trump lectured on his opponent liberal Joe Biden that plexiglass is “not the answer” for reopening businesses after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The former vice president said, “restaurants will need to have plexiglass dividers among other resources, “so people cannot infect one another.”

The president responded: “When you talk about plexiglass, these are restaurants that are dying.”

“These are businesses with no money,” he added. “Putting a plexiglass is unbelievably expensive and it’s not the answer. I mean, are you gonna sit there in a cubicle wrapped around with plastic?”

“These are businesses that are dying, Joe,” Trump continued. “You can’t do that to people. You just can’t.”

Trump also ripped Biden on the latter’s coronavirus response plans as these are the things that his administration has been doing. Biden simply replied with “not true,” and then went on saying, “We ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.” He was referring to “opening schools and businesses safely.”

The president fired back, setting the state of New York as an example, his former home for many years, calling it a “ghost town” now.

“Take a look at what’s happened to New York and what’s happened to my wonderful city,” he lamented. “For so many years I loved it. It was vibrant. It’s dying. Everyone’s leaving New York.”