Pelosi Threatens To Invoke The 25th Amendment: Is She Planning To Remove Trump?

Image: YouTube screenshot (The Guardian)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that she would lead a talk about the 25th Amendment on Friday, suggesting that she would remove Trump from the office, for fears the COVID medications he’s taking are affecting his mental health.

“Tomorrow, come here tomorrow,” Pelosi told reporters at the Capitol Hill. “We’re gonna be talking about the 25th Amendment, but to take attention from the subject we have now,” she added.

Pelosi’s remarks came after President Trump was interviewed by Fox Business Network, where he said he was “cured” from covid. The president also at one point, called Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris a “monster” during the one-hour interview.

Though the house speaker refused to give more details, she indicated the Friday’s discussion have something to do with Trump’s taking of steroid.

Daily Mail reports:

The 25th Amendment’s doomsday clause, section four, allowed a president to be removed from office against his will because of incapacity, whether physical or mental.

But it could only be used to remove Trump with the assistance of Mike Pence and members of his Cabinet, which currently appears unlikely.

It does however allow Congress to appoint a body to assess the president’s fitness – which gives Pelosi an opening and in the context of an election campaign, a chance to taunt her long-term enemy Trump, who for years has called her ‘Crazy Nancy.’

Pelosi has been sounding the alarm on Trump’s mental state for the past few days after he issued a surprising tweet on Tuesday calling off negotiations on a COVID relief bill. His move crashed the stock market.

“I’ve quoted others to say that there are those who say that when you’re on steroids and/or if you’ve had COVID-19 or both – that there may be some impairment of judgment. But, again, that’s for the doctors and scientists to determine, but it was very strange, really surprising and I’m rarely surprised, when the president took to the tweet and saying that he wants the Senate to have full focus on this confirmation of the justice and turned attention away, so we’re stopping negotiations,” she told Bloomberg News, insinuating the president has mental issues, which could remove him from the presidency, as per the 25th Amendment.