Pelosi Shuts Down Reporter Asking About Biden’s Corruption Allegations


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to answer a question from a reporter, asking about a serious “corruption” allegation against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The reporter asked the Democratic House Speaker at her weekly news conference at the Capitol on Thursday about the issue, but she quickly cut off Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket before she said: “I’m sorry, I’m not answering your question.

Pelosi, who has been the subject of criticisms by the conservatives over her unending blaming and accusations to President Trump, is on negotiations with Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin as her party is trying to secure a $2 trillion-deal to help Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re talking about the coronavirus,” she said. “I don’t have all day for questions.”

According to Fox News, this is not the first time Pelosi refused to answer an allegation against the former vice president.

Here’s Fox News’ report:

This is not the first time Pelosi had a contentious exchange regarding questions about Biden. On April 30, Picket asked about the sexual assault allegation Tara Reade made against Biden and whether Democrats had a different “standard” for Biden than for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, for whom Democrats were demanding an FBI investigation over an alleged assault when he was a teenager.

“I respect your question,” Pelosi said. “I don’t need a lecture or a speech.”

Pelosi went on to say she supports the #MeToo movement that gave way to victims of sexual harassment speaking out against powerful politicians, celebrities and media figures, but she said she stands by Biden because “there was never any record of this.”