Nancy Pelosi Warns American Parents: “They’re Coming After Your Children” In An Attempt To Spread Fear

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi / Image: YouTube screenshot

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a hardcore Democrat, accused the Republicans anew.

In an interview with MSNBC Monday night, 80-year-old Pelosi claimed that the conservatives are after the viewers’ children, for fulfilling a constitutional duty on filling a vacant SC position after former Supreme Court Justice  Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last week.

Pelosi accused the Republicans, without evidence, that the reason why the president and McConnell wanted to fill the vacancy is because they wanted to abolish the Obama Care. What conservatives don’t understand is that, Biden himself, said in 2016 that it is the constitutional duty of a president to nominate a Supreme Court Justice even in an election year, providing that the president consults the Senate.

Are the liberals threatened because Senate Leader Mitch McConnell previously said the president’s nominee will have the Senate’s approval?

“No more benefit of the pre-existing condition, no more having your children on your policy until twenty-six years old, no more having Medicaid expanded to cover long-term health care and the needs of our children with pre-existing conditions, and returning to a time where being a woman is a pre-existing medical condition,” she said.

Speaker Pelosi also took the opportunity to link President Trump to the 200,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus in the country, in an attempt to paint a picture that he killed those people while promoting the Obama Care.

“At a time when we should be crushing the virus and the President has ignored the science, ignored the science, criminally ignored the science and instead we have now crossing into 200,000 people who have died.  Instead of crushing the virus, they want to crush the Affordable Care Act.”

It looks like Pelosi is forgetting that the coronavirus started to exist in the country only this year and nobody knew about it, while the November 3 election has been looked forward to by the Americans even before. If the pandemic didn’t happen, what would she tell the voters as a recrimination to ruin the image of the president?

“This is what we have to focus on right now so that people get out and vote and they vote early and they vote in good health and they vote for their health.  Vote your health.  Vote your health.  And that means the Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions and the rest,” she added.

She also blamed the filling of the vacant position, which hasn’t happened yet, to all issues happening in the country, including abortion, LGBTQ, and clean air and water problems.

“They’re on a path to undo a woman’s right to choose.  And there are many more issues that relate to the LBGTQ community, clean air, clean water, pollution.  They’re coming after your children.  Protect your children from what they are trying to do in this Court.”

Twitter users, specifically conservatives, wasted no time to respond to this interview. One user thinks the death records are false.

Another one agreed when he posted this: