NY Gov. Cuomo Instills Fear To Americans: “Be Afraid Of COVID! It Can Kill You!”


Following President Trump’s release from the Walter Reed hospital for contracting the coronavirus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo condemned the president and accused him of denying the virus’ risks.

At a press conference Tuesday, Cuomo denounced Trump’s statement after his recovery, while mentioning the president’s privilege of being flown by a helicopter to Walter Reed and having 20 doctors to take care of him. He also said the commander-in-chief is doing public disservice, instead of public service, which was given to him as an opportunity.

Trump told the people at the time to not worry about covid, and cited his recovery as an example that it is not very dangerous.

Cuomo said, “The average person gets covid. They don’t get flown by helicopter to Walter Reed hospital and have a team of twenty doctors. Millions of dollars of talent attend to their needs… receive experimental drugs that haven’t been available to the public.”

“From the public service point of view, don’t be afraid of covid. No! Be afraid of Covid! It can kill you! Don’t be cavalier,” Cuomo added. “This is just more denial, this is where it started.”


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