Louisville Business Owner Confronts BLM Mob Surrounding His Store, They Proceed To Smash His Windows

Twitter Screenshot

On Wednesday, a Grand Jury indicted one officer on criminal charges in Breonna Taylor’s case. This was met with huge backlash from BLM and liberal protesters because no officers were charged directly with Breonna Taylor’s death.

A Kentucky Grand jury indicted one officer for shooting into the neighboring apartment. The 3 wanton endangerment charges against Hankison are for Breonna Taylor’s neighbors.

Right after this news came out. Immediate protests began in Louisville with angry BLM protesters not happy with the results on the trial.

During the protests, a business owner is surrounded by angry protesters as he attempts to protect his store. Reporter @BGOnTheScene said they proceeded to break the windows.


The big question is, what do random businesses have to do with police brutality? The answer is quite simple: absolutely nothing.

It’s becoming more obvious that Black Lives Matter destroy anything and everything that is in their path. So many lives taken, businesses destroyed, and communities in ruins at the hands of Black Lives Matter riots.

There is expected to be much more chaos and vandalism on the streets today into later tonight. We are praying that nobody gets hurt out there in Louisville tonight.

But it seems like these BLM rioters are out for blood. Pray for the business owners and innocent civilians out there today.