Live CNN Coverage Drowned Out By MAGA Protesters Chanting, “CNN S*cks!”


Perhaps anti-Trump CNN made a mistake when they decided to cover the protest held in Lansing, Michigan on Monday because the MAGA supporters were unstoppable, and mercilessly heckled the network’s national correspondent Dianne Gallagher as she was trying to report the event.

The peaceful protest was a support to President Donald Trump’s plea to delay the certifying of Michigan’s 2020 election results in the middle of Trump legal team’s effort to expose alleged voter fraud in the state.

While Gallagher was reporting on site, some men behind her in MAGA hats and one with a megaphone shouted, “CNN sucks!” “Fake News!” and “Four more years!”

“You can tell there are some protesters out here who do not want them to certify that election,” the reporter continued reporting as the crowd shouts. “So if you can still hear me over the loudspeakers here, basically there are four members of the Board of Canvassers.”

“Now this is usually a pretty mundane protocol that they go through to certify what has already been certified by each of the counties. There are four members, two are Republican, two are Democrats,” she explained. “One of the Republicans has already indicated that he isn’t sure that he’s going to vote for certification. The other Republican hasn’t said what he’s going to do.”

Because Gallagher was hardly heard, Brianna Keilar asked, “Can you just do us a favor, Dianne, and just hold up your microphone a little closer to your mouth?” before Gallagher continued speaking.