Liberal Woman Goes Viral Having Total Meltdown Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death

Youtube Screenshot

An obvious liberal woman is going viral after she posted a video following Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Friday.

The woman is seen in her car driving while uncontrollably and hysterically screaming over the Supreme Court Justice’s death.

“Holy f***ing s***, you guys! I’m driving your car but I just got a notification that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died!”

“Ruth! You just had to make it to twenty-twenty-one!”


The video was downloaded by somebody on the internet and it was reposted to this Twitter account for all of our viewing pleasure.


Yikes, now let’s take a look at President Trump’s reaction to RBG’s death.

Now that’s how a real human being reacts to a tragic loss of life. Without any screaming, screeching, or yelling.

President Trump’s level of class is something that the media will just never cover or quite understand. Especially when you compare to who is against him.