WATCH: Liberal Sen. Cory Booker Gives A Dramatic Acting Performance Over ACB’s Hearing: “This is not normal!”


Senator Cory Booker was the star of the Senate floor on Monday as he gave a dramatic performance in oppose to the nomination and confirmation of Judge Amy Coney-Barrett to the Supreme Court.

With a closed fist and brave facial expression, he said, “Nothing about this is normal! Reading from his notes, he added, “It is not normal that Senate Republicans are rushing through a confirmation hearing, violating their own statements and betraying the trust of the American people and their colleagues, and failing to take in this hearing even the most basic safety protections for the people around them.”

He continued repeatedly saying: “The American people should decide. The American people should decide. The American people should decide.”

“I will not be voting to confirm Judge Barrett’s nomination,” he said as he ended his remarks.

Earlier in his speech, the New Jersey senator claimed the Republicans are rushing the nomination because they wanted to overturn the ObamaCare, which could hurt the American people.

The Democrats have been trying to stop the nomination and confirmation of Barrett to the Supreme Court, despite her outstanding qualifications. They claim it is unconstitutional, while in fact, nothing in the constitution that says it is illegal for a sitting president to nominate a SCOTUS in an election year.


While Democrats are rejoicing and applauding Booker’s failed theatrical acting, many conservatives slammed the lawmaker on Twitter.


WATCH his entire speech here: