Lesley Stahl Whines; Upset Trump And Pence Insulted 60 Minutes


Lesley Stahl told Vice President Mike Pence that she felt the latter and Trump insulted 60 Minutes by not answering her questions, instead, they gave out “campaign speeches” that people have heard from their rallies.

“Mr. Vice President, this was not a rally. This was not just a campaign speech to the public. This was supposed to be an interview,” Stahl told Pence. The full video was publicly posted by Trump’s campaign on Facebook, ahead of the show’s released, worrying it might come out biased.

“And the same with the president. And I feel that you both have insulted ’60 Minutes’ by not answering our questions and by giving set campaign speeches that we’ve heard both of you give at rallies without answering our questions,” Stahl added.

“Lesley, what question haven’t I answered. What questioned haven’t I answered right now?” the vice president quickly responded.

Stahl repeated her earlier question asking any comments from Pence about Trump calling Dr. Fauci a “disaster” despite being the government’s top infectious diseases expert, which Pence did not directly answer. Instead, he praised the White House scientists involved in the coronavirus response for providing a “great public service.”

“I think the both of you, there is this kind of anticipation that people in power are held accountable, and they answer questions for the public, not for me. For the public, and I feel you didn’t do that,” Stahl said, adding,  “I’m upset.”

Pence then said, “Well, Lesley I appreciate the speech that you just gave, but I answered all your questions, and I’ve spoken about things the American care about,” and then went on praising the president’s accomplishment during his first term.

The journalist also asked about the fly that landed on the VP’s head during his debate against Kamala Harris in early October.

“I have to ask you about the fly. I have to,” she said. “Did you know it was there?” She asked with other follow-ups, including, “Have you been teased?”

Pence answered them all, then turned to the campaign issues.


WATCH Vice President Pence’s unedited interview here:

More bias, hatred and rudeness on 60 Minutes with our Great Vice President—Mike Pence.

More bias, hatred and rudeness on 60 Minutes with our Great Vice President — Mike Pence.

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Thursday, October 22, 2020