Kathy Griffin’s Death Wish For Pres. Trump: “Croak” During Rally And Goes “Coma”

Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin. / Image: YouTube screenshot

Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin has just been added to the list of Hollywood personalities who are hating on President Donald Trump – apparently for some reasons.

On Saturday, Griffin tweeted she wanted to see Trump “croak” in the middle of a rally – days after he was released from the Walter Reed hospital following a brief hospitalization for covid. Unfortunately for the former Kathy host, the president is doing great and his doctors confirmed he’s showing no symptoms of the disease.

After a day, she followed-up her earlier tweet with another post – a kinder wish this time. She said: “Patiently waiting for Trump’s coma to commence.”

Tweeter users usually enjoy these kinds of drama – Hollywood celebrities slamming politicians. But of course, not all. Because many users counter attacked Griffin with hilarious and hate comments to defend the president.

One user responded with a photo at the Dollar Store showing Griffin’s book display, included in the shelves of packs of toilet paper rolls.

Another user posted an old photo of the actress and president Trump together, with Trump’s left hand on her waist, saying: “You look so happy Kathy. What happened? He didn’t call you the next day?” with a laugh emoji.

User nlfd13 reminded her that the two were buddies before, saying: “You are a fucking disgrace.. Just remember before he became your President you were buddy buddy with him. Cant wait yo hear you cry for another 4 years you fucking skell.”

User Don Turner commented: “You’re a good example of what’s wrong with this country, nothing but hate and violence out of your mouth. If liberals take control of the country this is what we have to look forward to.”

Another user asked Griffin: “Your career has been in a coma for decades. Is that why you are so unhinged and hysterical? Who else takes pride in being D-list at anything in life?”