Kathy Griffin Attacks Melania, Ivanka: “Seriously, F**k This B*tch”

Image: YouTube screenshot (60 Minutes Australia video)

Kathy Griffin has long been a critic of President Donald Trump and the latter could handle it properly, but this time, she also attacked his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka.

When Kellyanne Conway tweeted, “four more years of Melania, too,” she responded with: “Melania, Beaver Hunt Champion!” and tagged @HustlerMag.


She also said Trump and Melania, which she intentionally mistyped as “Melanie”, are terrifying the kids who appeared in the White House’s Halloween party recently.

Of course, she didn’t fail to curse at the president calling him an “abusive asshole,” along with a video of Trump’s controversial interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes.

“This will remind so many women voters of an abusive asshole we’ve had to deal with in our own lives. Well this one works for us. We can get rid of him,” the post reads.

She even included Ivanka Trump in her enemy list, calling her “bitch.”

Yesterday, the comedian told 60 Minutes Australia about how the world has “lost its sense of humor.”