Joe Biden Says A “Biden Administration” Will Join The Paris Agreement in 77 Days

Twitter Screenshot

On Wednesday evening in the middle of ballot counting for the presidential election, Democratic nominee Joe Biden said that in exactly 77 days, a “Biden Administration” will join the Paris Agreement, suggesting that he will defeat incumbent president Trump.

“Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it,” the tweet reads, sharing an ABC News’ article about the country’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.


Today marks the first day of the US withdrawal from its participation in the ‘Paris Agreement,” which aims to combat climate change. Three years ago, Trump announced that the country will leave the international forum because it might lose 2.5 million jobs for Americans by 2025.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, together with his fellow Democrats including Sen. Bernie Sanders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been strongly pushing for climate change policies.

According to Joe Biden’s website:

From coastal towns to rural farms to urban centers, climate change poses an existential threat – not just to our environment, but to our health, our communities, our national security, and our economic well-being. It also damages our communities with storms that wreak havoc on our towns and cities and our homes and schools. It puts our national security at risk by leading to regional instability that will require U.S military-supported relief activities and could make areas more vulnerable to terrorist activities.

Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.