Jerry Nadler Appears To Soil Himself During Press Conference, Waddles Away From Podium

Twitter Screenshot

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Democratic representative Jerry Nadler appeared to soil himself as he stood next to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

As Pelosi was speaking, Nadler suddenly started to turn around and waddle away from the podium where Pelosi was speaking doing her speech.

This was a very awkward moment and it doesn’t look very good for him.


The response from conservatives on line has been hilarious. Check it out:

One user said, “Maybe we shouldn’t have an entire body of government that’s in their 80s”

Another user tweeted, “Between Mrs “Sunday Morning”, Sniffy McSniff Face and Jerry Sadler, something is definitely wrong with people in the upper echelons of power at the Democratic Party. This isn’t normal.”

One user hilariously tweeted, “He tried to pull an Eric Swalwell, but it didn’t turn out how he’d hoped.