“Get Out! Go Get A Warrant!” Buffalo, NY Business Owners Resist Cuomo’s COVID Restrictions


After New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s authoritarian coronavirus restrictions, many “high-risk” businesses were ordered to temporarily shut down to manage the surging cases.

On Friday night, more than 50 of these business operators and their supporters gathered inside an Orchard Park gym as a peaceful protest when two sheriffs and a health inspector arrived 20 minutes after the event began, according to Buffalo News.

The owner of the gym described the gathering as a protest against the state’s “orange zone” regulations that have closed gyms, salons, and other businesses, which were considered non-essential.

“It absolutely was a protest – inside my building,” Robby Dinero said, who described the state’s restrictions arbitrary.

The confrontation between the authorities and the group was caught on video, where the representatives were lecturing the latter about wearing masks and a deputy was pointing out that they accused the authorities of trespassing, without a warrant.

“You’re on private property. You need to leave!” one of the business owners said.

“This is private party! It’s private property! Go get a warrant! You’re not wanted here!” he continued.

“Get out! Get out!” People were heard yelling while the officials were walking away.

According to two people who attended the gathering, nobody was cited and no arrests were made.