Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Slams The Election And The Left: “Democrats Don’t Want Unity”


Fox News host and former New York State judge Jeanine Pirro is back on television after a “quick break”. Reports said that Fox News suspended her show on its regular time slot last week after she had a feud with the management for airing Democratic “President-elect” Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. On her show’s Saturday segment, Pirro was unstoppable and blasted both the election and the Democrats, saying they “don’t want unity.”

She opened her show with comments about the MAGA march in DC last weekend before saying the 73 million Trump voters deserve fair election results.

“The most important part of democracy is to do it correctly. The most important question tonight is did we, in 2020. There is no magic in electing a president; Americans do it every four years, just as our Founding Fathers planned.”

“Yet this is a life-changing moment in American history. America will either go one way or the other. And so, it not only requires but demands all due diligence be exercised in this highly contested presidential election.”

“There is both an ethical and a legal obligation to the 73 million Americans; the highest number ever to vote for a sitting president — to assure them that every legal vote is counted, and not diluted in any way.”

“Wouldn’t that be something we’d all want?”, she asked, continuing, “There are several steps before this election can be called.”

“The media does not call an election. No one state has yet even certified its vote. Certification in fact has not even begun. The electors don’t vote until December 14. We have one president at a time, and until there are certifications or the electors vote on December 14, the democratic process must be allowed to play out.”

“Under the cover of COVID, rules were changed, providing opportunities for wrongdoers. COVID cannot be used to run herd on our constitution. COVID is not a prophylactic that prevents us from exercising our constitutional, fundamental right to vote,” she added — an obvious truth especially given that Americans trekked to polling stations to cast ballots during the Civil War.”

After criticizing relaxed signature requirements and dead people voting that Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley said clearly happened, Pirro denounced the hypocritical Democrats for relentlessly attacking President Donald Trump for four years and has been calling him all the names in the book.

“The left talks about bringing the country together after they created four years of chaos, accusing Trump of sowing doubt in our democracy. Saying that his questioning of this election is a danger to America.”

“As if the election process being changed in the middle of an election is no big deal. As if a little fraud is okay. And they lash out on any voting challenge, casting it as a ‘temper tantrum’ by us.”

“Really?”, she asked, adding, “we are the ones having a temper tantrum?”