DNI Ratcliffe Says Data Collected By Intelligence Agencies Reveal Foreign Interference in the 2020 Elections


John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, revealed on Thursday that data collected by different intelligence agencies show there was a lot of foreign interference in the 2020 general elections.

“Well DNI Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the US government. And he told CBS News that there was foreign interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November of this year and he is anticipating a public report on those findings in January,” CBS News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge said.

Breitbart has more:

There is allegedly “ample” raw intelligence about China’s intentions and actions related to the election, with more intelligence reporting coming in everyday. Some of the influence operations include social media campaigns seeking to amplify messages such as that President Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

However, senior career analysts disagree on the significance of those influence operations. Some analysts argue that they were minimal or ultimately not acted on, while others say it is extensive and far more than previously known. The disagreement includes whether there should be a China section in the report, according to the source.

Despite this serious debate, Ratcliffe is concerned that proper tradecraft — which would require that the disagreement be reflected in the report with both views represented — will not be followed simply in order to deprive President Trump of a potential political talking point.

In other words, Ratcliffe is concerned that the intelligence report would be written in a way due to politics — the very definition of politicization of intelligence, and only bury real and growing concerns about China from the intelligence community.

This week, a Senate hearing was held before the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee headed by Senator Ron Johnson, where a former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) official claimed there was no such interference occurred. Christopher Krebs, who President Trump fired last month for incompetence, however, admitted the Dominion voting machines were internet-connected, which contradicted the earlier statement of Dominion Voting Services CEO John Poulos.

“Yeah. There are a number of different systems and machines and computers involved in the entirety of the election process, from registration, through ballot design, through ballot printing, to actual voting, into the tabulation and post-election process. Throughout, you’re going to, particularly where a vote is cast on Election Day, those machines tend to, and should not be connected to the internet, certainly as a best practice,” Krebs replied when asked by Senator Johnson about the machines being connected to the internet.

Detroit Free Press reported:

Poulos also testified that:

Dominion tabulators are not connected to the Internet. In some jurisdictions, though not in Antrim, cellular modems are used for very brief periods, after the polls are closed, to transmit unofficial results from the precincts to the county headquarters. In Antrim, the tabulator memory cards are sealed and delivered to the county clerk by hand and there is no Internet connectivity, which could pose a potential risk of hacking, he said.