Democratic Activists Reportedly Vandalized Handicapped Republican NC Congressional Candidate’s Home

Twenty-five year old Republican congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn. / Image: YouTube screenshot

On Thursday, far-left protesters allegedly vandalized the home of Madison Cawthorn, a North Carolina conservative congressional candidate, including a county GOP office. The damages reportedly cost thousands of dollars.

Cawthorn posted the incident on his Facebook account saying: “At 4:55am last morning, activists from far-left fringe Antifa groups acted on the aggressive rhetoric of my opponent and committed gross acts of vandalism and destruction of property across this district. My opponent’s strike force inflicted thousands of dollars of damage to both public and private property.”

He added, “The Henderson County GOP office, which was defaced with graffiti, many businesses, and local homes who displayed support for both my candidacy and other Republicans were attacked and their signs defaced. Personally, my home was targeted and my property vandalized by thugs acting in support of my opponent’s vision for this district. These left-wing enforcers spray-painted threats of violence and echoed my opponent’s words, as they symbolically crushed my neck and head on each sign deposited on my property.”

According to Cawthorn, his opponent refused to condemn this violent act from his Democratic supporters.

He continued, “The most disturbing report about last night’s events involves my opponent refusing to denounce these acts of aggressive violence. Just weeks ago, a well-known reporter was attacked by leftist groups in downtown Asheville, the same groups who have held rallies in support of my opponent, when asked to condemn such violent acts against impartial members of the media my opponent was silent. Today my opponent is silent again. Rest assured that attempts to silence our message of hope for this district will not succeed. Let us continue to pray for these troubled people that they may find peace.”

The 25-year-old candidate then posted photos of campaign signs that the protesters left, accusing him of being a “liar,” “selling his soul,” and “no soul.”

Cawthorn is running against a democratic retired Air Force colonel, Moe Davis, in congress. The young politician has drawn national attention since he won the primary race in June over a Trump-backed candidate.

LOOK (from Madison Cawthorn’s official Facebook account):

Posted by Madison Cawthorn for Congress on Saturday, October 10, 2020