Conservatives Ridicule Joe Biden After Appearing Irrationally Angry During Speech

Twitter Screenshot

Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has always been known to have somewhat of a short fuse. Whether it’s being asked sensitive questions by reporters, or if he’s just getting angry during a speech.

At a recent speech he did Joe Biden appears to get frustrated when telling Democrats to get out and vote for him the 2020 Presidential Election.


After conservatives started circulating this video on social media, the pro-Trump response has been nothing short of hilarious.

One user tweeted, “Who is he yelling at? No one is there?” Referring to Joe Biden’s low amount of in person support at his rallies.

One user tweeted, “See the intense concentration while he reads his teleprompter. Poor man. It’s an example of elder abuse.”

Another user tweeted, “This is what happens when you bury a used car salesman in Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”…”