CNN “Demonizes” Trump And Creates A List Of Republicans Who Haven’t Acknowledged Biden’s “Win”


The Democrats seem to be “obsessed” creating their list of Republicans who have not yet conceded to “President-elect” Joe Biden, like when a child is making a Christmas list for Santa Clause.

CNN did not want to be left out, so they also created their list of GOP Senators who have not congratulated Biden yet.

CNN host Biranna Keilar said, “You can count on one hand how many Republicans acknowledged Joe Biden is president-elect. Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Ben Sasse of Nebraska. The rest here are silent, emboldening the president as he refuses to concede. But why?”

“The Republican Senators who are still silent about Biden’s win, they’re enablers, too. Here’s the list, we’re gonna leave this up for a second because it is rather long,” Keilar also said.


WATCH as Keilar accused and demonized President Trump and his allies below: