CBS Host Calls Out Kamala Harris for Joe Biden’s “Straight Up Dodge” On Packing the Supreme Court

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Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris attempted to cover up Joe Biden’s dodge of the question on packing the Supreme Court and it didn’t go well for her.

Biden has yet to answer if he’ll pack the Supreme Court if he becomes president. This is something that was talked about after the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

During an interview on CBS, host John Dickerson asked Harris whether she and Biden support the idea of packing the Supreme Court and dodged big time.

“His answer on court-packing, adding more justices to the Court, just sounds like a straight-up dodge. Why won’t he talk about what he wants to do, what he thinks should happen?” Dickerson asked.

“I think he’s very clear, John, that he is focused – as we all should be – on the next 35 days. And he’s focused on, one, the process by which we’re even having the conversation about the United States Supreme Court,” she explained.

Harris went on to say that she and others recently paid tributes and respect to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“And now we see the president and the senate majority leader are pushing through a nominee while Americans are voting. We’re not even talking about a debate that has occurred in the past election year,” the vice presidential nominee said. “We’re talking about literally doing an election, almost a million people have voted and they’re trying to ram this nominee through, clearly for political purposes.”

Rather than giving a direct answer to the question, she uses the Biden tactic of making the response around the conversation.


Biden also refused to answer a court-packing question during the presidential debate on Tuesday night.

Biden told President Donald Trump to “shut up, man!” while refusing to say if he wants to add justices to the Supreme Court.

Biden declined to tell debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News whether he would support adding justices to the court if Trump’s conservative pick Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to replace Ginsburg.

“Whatever position I take on that, that’ll become the issue. The issue is the American people should speak. You should go out and vote. You’re in voting, now vote and let your senators know how strongly you feel. But vote now,” Biden said.

Trump interjected: “Are you going to pack the court? Are you going to pack the court? He doesn’t want to answer.”

“I’m not going to answer the question, because the question is, the question is, the question is —” Biden said, as Trump continued to press him to answer.

“Will you shut up, man?” the former vice president said.