Candace Owens Asks Where The Millions Of BLM Donations Went In Powerful Interview

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Candace Owens is easily one of the most prominent black conservative figures in the country to this day. Her influence reaches millions of people and her intelligence is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Black Lives Matter has been a very powerful political force funded by the left millions of dollars and people are beginning to notice.

People are beginning to ask questions of how much money it is that they have raised, as well as the bigger question of “where is the money going?”

Candace Owens being a major player in the ones asking those questions.

In a recent interview with the Daily Caller, Candace Owens asks the controversial questions that we are told we are not allowed to ask.


“We know that in the week that George Floyd died they raised $50 million dollars. Where did that money go? Candace asks the interviewer.

She goes on to ask if the money is being invested into schools in order to attack the illiteracy rates that are prominent in the black community.

I think you and I both know the answer to that.

Later in the interview, the host asks Candace Owens about BLM’s mission to “deconstruct the nuclear family” as stated on their official website. He asks her that if the black community was made aware that this is one of their goals, would people still support it?

“No, everything that you’re seeing is actually anti-black. Black people are naturally very conservative,” Candace responds.

This very thought provoking interview is exactly the kind of discussion that the mainstream media backed Democrat party does not want the average American listening to.

Candace Owens and others like her are the backbone of free thinking black America that will hopefully one day lead us to a full exodus from the “Democrat plantation.”