NEWS: Two Affidavits Were Filed Against Biden’s Campaign For Ballot Harvesting In Texas

Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party Joe Biden /Image: YouTube screenshot

Two affidavits were filed in the Texas Supreme Court against Texas Sen. Boris Miles and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, allegedly for illegal mail-ballot harvesting. Biden’s campaign official Dallas Jones is reportedly helping with the massive scheme.

Following this issue, the Harris County Republican Party, chaired by Dr. Stephen Hotze and Sharon Hemphill, requested the state’s highest court earlier this week, as reported by Texas Scorecard, to halt the state’s earlier plans to send mail-in ballot applications to 2.37 million voters registered in the country, while the investigation is ongoing.

Texas Scorecard reports:

“We are thankful that the Texas Supreme Court is preventing a rogue clerk from violating the Texas Election Code,” Jared Woodfill, the group’s attorney, told Texas Scorecard. “It is shocking that the clerk of the largest county in Texas did not appreciate that his actions were illegal, compromised the integrity of elections in Harris County, and created an atmosphere for voter fraud. Today, the Texas Supreme Court stopped Hollins from breaking the law.”

Apparently, the first affidavit was submitted by Charles Marler, a former investigative specialist with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and currently a private investigator.

Texas Scorecard report continues:

In his affidavit, Marler alleges that several Democrat politicians in Houston are behind the illegal scheme:

“During my investigation, a core group of names continued to surface regarding the organization and operation of the voter fraud scheme. Witnesses have stated to me that Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and District 13 Texas State Senator Borris Miles are leading the illegal ballot harvesting operation in Harris County, Texas. Their chief lieutenants are Houston businessman Gerald Womack and political consultant Dallas Jones who work directly under them in executing the ballot harvesting operation in Harris County, Texas.”

Dallas Jones has notably been hired by Joe Biden’s presidential campaign as the Texas political director.

“Witnesses have shown me and described to me how the ballot harvesters take absentee ballots from the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless, and from unsuspecting residences’ mailboxes. The ballot harvesters then complete the ballots for their preferred candidate and forge the signature of the ‘voter.’ Two witnesses stated to me that there are two individuals employed at the Harris County Clerk’s Office who are aware of the illegal ballots and help facilitate and mask the processing of the ballots into the legal stream of ballots.”

Marler also alleges that former Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman, who resigned earlier this year citing “personal health concerns,” did so because she was concerned she “would be included in the eventual arrest pertaining to illegal ballot harvesting.”

“Witnesses have stated that Commissioner Ellis was not deterred and continued to move forward with the plan to mass mail ballots and expand the illegal ballot harvesting scam,” said Marler. “Another witness stated to me that an employee of Commission [sic] Ellis, Tyler James, has bragged that he could guarantee that the illegal ballot harvesting operation, with the help of mass mail-in ballots, could harvest 700,000 illegal ballots.”

A second affidavit by Mark Aguirre, a retired captain with the Houston Police Department who is also now a private investigator, corroborated Marler’s accusations. Aguirre also claims he has proof:

“I have in my possession video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes, with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.”

“This entire operation is being run by the elite politicians of the Democrat Party in Houston/Harris County.”

Both affidavits, filed with the Texas Supreme Court on Monday.