VIDEO: Biden Says He Could Stay At Home During The Pandemic Because “Some Black Woman Was Able To Stack The Grocery Shelf”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. / Image: YouTube screenshot (user Michael Johnson)

Once more, liberal presidential hopeful Joe Biden, surprised the audience with his tongue slip, or is it? Does it reflect his perception about black women, considering that his running mate Kamala Harris is black?

We know Joe. He embarrassed himself a lot of times with his many gaffes that makes conservatives question his competence and mental health. Sometimes you even wonder whether he, himself, is hearing what he is talking about.

Recently, a short clip of the masked former vice president was uploaded on Twitter and YouTube, which surprisingly didn’t get too much public attention. But when president Donald Trump says a thing that offends the Democrats, it’s all over the news, even the mainstream media headlines it.

During an interview lately, Biden explained himself why he was nowhere to find during the lockdown because, apparently, some black woman stacked the grocery shelf.

“Geez! The reason I was able to stay sequestered at my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,” he proudly said.


If this racist comment of Biden is ignored by the Dems, the Republicans were quick to criticize the liberal presidential nominee.

The uploader on Twitter named Infidel Angela claimed the social media platform keeps on removing Retweets, saying 100 RTs had disappeared and posted a screenshot of time stamps as proof.

One user said the leftist mainstream media keeps on defending him no matter what he says or does.

Another said Biden has a low opinion of black people and called him a clown.

Others also think that he has, indeed, a low opinion about black people doing menial labor.