Biden Refuses A Second Presidential Debate If Pres. Trump Still Has Covid

President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. /Image: PBS YouTube video screenshot

Presidential nominee to the Democrats Joe Biden announced that the next presidential debate should be cancelled if President Trump still has Covid. For the Republicans, it is unclear if he is using the president’s infection, which he survived, as an excuse to avoid their second round of face-off. Does he think the Walter Reed hospital’s doctors who cleared Trump from the virus are lying?

“I think if he still has COVID, we shouldn’t have a debate,” Biden said as reported by The Hill.

“I think we were gonna have to follow very strict guidelines. Too many people have been infected. It’s a very serious problem, so I will be guided by the guidelines of the Cleveland Clinic and what the docs say is the right thing to do,” he added.

Biden also said he is eager to debate again, but at the right circumstances. “I’m looking forward to being able to debate him, but I just hope all the protocols are followed, what’s necessary at the time,” he said.

During their chaotic first debate on Sept. 29, the two candidates did not have any physical contact, and were seated 12 feet apart. Last week, the president tested positive but was cleared after a 4-day isolation at the Walter Reed hospital, and is now back at the White House, which outraged the Democrats.

The Hill says:

Still, Fox News host and debate moderator Chris Wallace said last week that Trump arrived too late to be tested on-site for COVID-19, and members of his family and campaign did not wear masks throughout the event, fueling worries over the possible spread of the virus throughout the venue.

Biden has tested negative for the coronavirus three times since Trump’s announcement on Friday, though it could be two weeks since exposure for a positive test result to be returned.

The next two debates are scheduled on October 15 and 22 in Miami and Nashville, respectively.