Biden Blames Trump For ‘Embarrassing’ Debate, Wonders How Many Parents Took Their Kids Away From Their TV

Presidential nominee Joe Biden as he took the train for his train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania. /Image: YouTube screenshot (WKYC)

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden described the first debate as embarrassing for the country, and wondered how many parents took away their kids from the television when it was happening. This was, according to him, because of Trump for repeatedly interrupting him and the moderator Chris Wallace, as well as throwing personal attacks, including his son Hunter’s drug addiction.

Speaking to WKYC as he took the train for his train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania, the former vice president said, “I thought that was embarrassing for the country the way the president acted for the rest of the world watching this.”

“I just thought that – it was hard for me to believe that a president of the United States would be so viciously classless and do what he did … And all I kept thinking was I just, I just, I wonder how many people had to take their kids away from the television set when this was going on, just to say, this is not who we are,” he added.

He also criticized Trump’s behavior during their face-off, and argued he should have just talked about the coronavirus, people’s jobs, or the election, while praising his performance because what he did, apparently, was to look at the camera and talk to the Americans, telling them what he was going to do.

“If you noticed, the president did everything he could to distract from having to talk about the issues,” he said.

Biden, on his part, called the president a liar and racist. Out of frustration for not having to get a word through Trump’s arguments, he uttered, “shut up man.” He also called the president a clown.

On the other hand, he said he’s looking forward to the next debate.

“But the next debate is going to be a town hall-type debate and I’m really looking forward to it because, as I understand it, audience members are going to ask us a question, we get to answer the question each of us,” Biden told to a WKYC reporter. “And I just hope there’s an opportunity to actually answer the question.”

The next debates will be on October 15 and 22, while a one-time vice-presidential debate is scheduled for October 7.