UNHINGED: Bette Midler Advices Biden To Physically Assault Trump During Their Debate

Actress-singer Bette Midler /Image: YouTube screenshot (variety)

It seems like aging isn’t going well for singer Bette Midler as she took her hatred to president Donald Trump to a whole new level. The 74-year-old actress once again turned to Twitter, like she always does, advicing her favorite candidate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to physically attack his opponent Trump on their upcoming debate on Tuesday evening.

She said she needed to tell Biden, who is more conservative than she is, to “kick him (Trump) in the nuts” and do it again for the 200,000 who died from the coronavirus. Middler has been madly accusing the president of murdering the people who succumbed to the virus.

Of course her claims are false, yet Twitter hasn’t been fact checking Midler for it, but fact checked on Trump when he tweeted about the ballots being returned to states that cannot be accurately counted. When one clicks the link, it leads to ABC News’ page, a mainstream media which obviously is anti-Trump.

Earlier before this tweet, she also threw a temper tantrum on the president, who she described as a big fat head with flabby belly, while praising Biden, calling him as bone crusher Biden.

She, too, complained about the president’s SCOTUS nominee – the intelligent Amy Coney Barret, claiming she would be the anti-abortion base of the GOP.

Midler has been known as an actress, singer, and songwriter for many years. But she has become infamous for “obsessing” on Trump since he took the office. It is not a secret that she abhors the president, who she insanely accuses, criticizes, blames, and condemns on social media.

Though Midler is obviously a Democrat, some conservatives might have followed her to defend the helpless president.

One commented dementia Joe doesn’t have a chance.

One asked Midler why do liberals always resort to violence.

One assumed Midler must have been drinking and needs to quit.