Behar Dreams Of Pelosi As A President: “I’m dreaming of the day when we all say ‘President Nancy Pelosi'”

Nancy Pelosi and The View's Joy Behar

Before the VP debate on Wednesday evening, The View’s co-host Joy Behar and the other women in the show spoke to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, where Behar told the latter that she dreams of her as the next president.

“I’m dreaming of the day when we all say ‘President Nancy Pelosi.’ I think that sounds really good. But the polls are showing that Biden is ahead in key swing states. It’s very encouraging in many ways, Pennsylvania, et cetera, but I’m still worried that they could steal this election. I know that the Russians are still involved. Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security just released a report warning that Russia is a key threat to the election,” Behar said.

“Now we knew this going into 2016 too, and we saw how that turned out. This is why I’m not counting my chickens at all. I’m still nervous. People have to vote, and we have to win in a landslide. How concerned are you about that?” she asked Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi answered: “Well, I’m concerned, but I don’t— my motto is we don’t agonize, we organize. I have no doubt that the president, in typical fashion, will lie, cheat, and steal to win this election. So we are prepared for that. I’m sorry to have to say that, by being speaker of the House and he’s president of the United States, but that is the reality.”

The two women have been a strong critic of President Trump, where they openly mock, accuse and blame the president on social media, as well as on TV.