Trump Hater Crashes His Car And Gets Instant Karma After Spitting At Trump Supporters


Trump supporters holding banners with the president’s name on them were peacefully protesting when an anti-Trump drove by them and reportedly cursed and even spat at them, which can be seen on the video.

Unfortunately for him, the old adage “karma is just around the corner” must be true that it decided to make him a victim. After expressing his disgust to the protesters and spitting at one of them, the man drove off but hit the pole, and got his instant karma.


The accident happened in Houston, Texas during a “Stop the Steal” march that is also taking place at other major cities. The biggest was held at Washington DC on Saturday where millions of Trump voters showed up and participated.

Meanwhile, after the Trump hater crashed his car, a police mobile was seen on the video approaching while one protester can be heard saying, “That’s what you get! All that hate! Look at what it did to you,man!”

Reports say no charges were filed or citations were issues for both the collision and the verbal exchange between the driver and the crowd.