ACB’s Response To Sen. Kennedy’s Laundry Question Triggers Feminists


Liberal feminists took a rest to criticize President Trump and turned their attention to Amy Coney-Barret as a new target. It appears that nothing she says, does, or wears now, is good enough for the Democrats since she was nominated by the president as the next Justice to the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday during her confirmation hearing, Republican Senator John Kennedy asked Barrett a simple question about who’s doing the laundry in her home. As everybody knows, the 48-year-old judge is a wife and mother of seven children.

“I have one last question … I’m genuinely curious, who does the laundry in your house?” Kennedy asked.

Barrett laughed and replied: “Well, we increasingly have been trying to get our children to take responsibly for their own, but those efforts are not always successful.” She continued, “We run a lot of loads of laundry.”


Barrett’s response seems like another reason for the Democrats, who called Kennedy’s question “sexist,” to attack her.

User Meena Harris, who is a feminist and niece of vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, tweeted: “This is so gross and sexist, and she thought it was cute because (of) internalized * misogyny * and * upholding patriarchy.”

Another user responded to Harris’ post, assuming it is the Haitian adopted daughter who’s doing the laundry, “This makes my blood boil, especially since we all think it’s probably the Haitian adopted daughter.”

Check out these other comments below, which make you ask what did Amy Coney-Barrett do to deserve these vile remarks from people she has never met before.